Nokia – a European actor with a global focus

Nokia – a European actor with a global focus

Nokia (HMD Global) is on fire, with a 5G handset, a cooperation with the latest Bond film and with this year’s Bond female actor as the front figure in the advertising campaign for their flagship.

“We have developed Nokia 8.3 as the first global 5G handset with the market’s currently widest and most future-proof 5G support,” says Sebastian Kåla, Business Manager at HMD Global. “It’s a phone that will last over time through continuous OS upgrades as well as 3 years of monthly security updates and a phone that is also James Bond’s first choice.”

Nokia 8.3 only comes in the colour polar blue, which directly brings to mind Nokia’s origin and the fact that they are now the only European player in the industry. The phone has a minimalistic and stylish Scandinavian design while the completely pure Android One software guarantees a very good battery time.

However, Nokia believes that all users are entitled to updates, security and speed, regardless of the price range chosen.

“Our latest mid- / low-range handsets 2.4 and 3.4 have Android 10 and are of course guaranteed the same continuous updates as the flagship segment. Regardless of wallet, you should be able to feel safe from a security perspective and get a phone that does not lose speed over time. As a “post-covid” reaction we see an increase in demand in the business market for these models where customers do not want to compromise on either updates or security, but may have a new wallet to adapt to, “says Sebastian.

With large investments from Google, Nokia and Qualcomm, we can probably be pretty sure that it will not be long before HMD Global makes headlines again